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Family life should be fun and easy

That we do by deliver family apps that
simplify everyday life for families with children
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Bejaboo Family Sharing

Sharing information should be simple and easy

With Bejaboo Family Sharing, both you and your partner can have the at the on your smartphones, your computers, and your tablets.

How does it work?

Your partner can take a picture, uploads it to the , and ta-daa! You immediately have the same picture on your devices, too – or, you can create a family note and your partner can have to the note as well. No matter which Bejaboo App you use, family sharing is a feature that runs through all of them.

It had never been so easy to within your until Bejaboo Family Sharing came along.

Bejaboo Photos

Both you and your partner will have access to all the pictures you upload to the Family Surface, directly from your mobile, your computers, or your tablets.
Your partner can take a picture, upload it to the Family Surface, and both of you will immediately see the picture on your devices. With Bejaboo Photos, you don’t even need to ask to see it!

Bejaboo Shoppinglist

With Bejaboo Shopping List, you can easily add things like milk, cheese, and salad to your family’s shared shopping list. As soon as you add something to your shopping list, your partner will have the updated list on his device, too.
...It’s not always clear which particular hairspray or shaving cream (for example) you want to buy – add a picture so it’s easily understood what to buy.

Things you eat every day are already in our system, along with accurate nutritional values showing calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. And of course, you can create several individual shopping lists – for shops you don’t visit often, for example.

Bejaboo Notes

No-one can remember everything – especially not when you have kids.

Create a shared family note with Bejaboo Notes: you and your partner will immediately have the same notes in your mobile devices.
For example, if you’re at the clinic and get important information, you just create a family note and your partner will immediately get that note in his computer, mobile, or tablet.

Bejaboo Contacts

When your child is born, you have to remember a lot of new phone numbers. These can include clinic, babysitters, preschools… With Bejaboo Contacts, you can create a family contact that both you and your partner have immediate access to.

Bejaboo Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful adventure!

Bejaboo Pregancy will help you make this time truly magical!
It covers how your body is developing week by week, how your body is changing throughout the nine months, and also provides helpful tips for a healthy and easy pregnancy.
Bejaboo Pregnancy is useful app for both of the future parents. Every week comes with information on how to make the pregnant woman’s life a little easier, as well as fantastic tips and advice for her partner.

Bejaboo Lullaby

Getting your child to sleep is not the easiest thing in the world – but lullabies certainly make it simpler.
With Bejaboo Lullaby, you choose a background image and then we accompany it with quiet lullabies that have helped children to have sweet dreams. As well as this, the background image you choose works as a night light to illuminate your child’s room.

Bejaboo Names

It’s not easy to find the perfect name for your baby. With Bejaboo Names, we make it easier for you by listing all names that have been recognised with official celebration days. You can just choose the names you like, or add your own if they’re not already on the list.
As well as this, on the Family Surface, you can compare your favourite names alongside your partner’s. This makes it fun and easy to find the perfect name for your new family member.

Bejaboo Studio

With Bejaboo Studio you can create beautiful artworks such as a baby book, photo book, baby card, Christmas card, calendar, cook book etc. To create artwork, use one of the templates created from our ScrapKits or make it by your own. Using Bejaboo Studio you can change everything in our templates, ScrapKits or upload your own design – Only imagination sets the limits.
With Bejaboo Studio we've taken Scrapbooking and made it digital – In Studio you’ll find a lot of beautiful stickers, labels, frames and backgrounds that will help you to make your artwork look amazing.
Live Help & Support

Live Help & Support

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